ATTENTION !! Online orders are paused due to long overdue workshop maintenance and upgrades.
We will resume business September 1st. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience and will be back soon.

About Us

Founder of Damrill Metal Sculpture, after 17 years as a successful Graphic Designer, Software Engineer and business owner. I decided to leave it all and go after my dream, to create something beyond a thousand lines of code or an ad that simply appears in a magazine. I needed to put my hands to work, sweat a little and get dirty. No more suits and ties.

Inspired by my father, a man who could backwards engineer himself out of any situation. I remember his numerous hobby’s like handcrafted Chess sets out of marble and Mahogany, building furniture, creating custom tools to Candle Making. His interests were so vast you couldn’t conceive what he was thinking up next. I learned later in life that I had that same drive to create, breakdown and re-engineer anything and everything. This carried over into my career as a Software engineer, having the drive to overachieve in the smallest of task.

So here we are … As a handcrafted metal art company I create unique works of art for you as well as commercial customers. I attempt to draw inspiration from Southern Louisiana's beautiful bayous, wildlife, and culture to create art that reflects my family's long history in Louisiana. I pay a great deal of attention to color, hand forming detail and handmade Patinas and always trying to not compromise quality to cut corners while keeping true to my craft. 

I hope you enjoy my passion for art, I know I enjoy creating every piece.


Daniel Damrill